Is It Bad to Use a Toothpick to Clean Your Teeth?

There is hardly any person on earth who hasn’t picked up a toothpick to get rid of a food particle and ended up trying to clean the teeth with it. If you count yourself among such people and you are wondering is it bad to use a toothpick to clean your teeth, then the answer is mentioned right here.

The Unwanted Spaces

People who make extensive use of toothpicks often complain that they have unwanted spaces between the teeth. So, you should know that extensive use of toothpicks can lead to unflattering teeth gaps that make you hide your smile.

The Damaging Effects

Extensive use of toothpicks can also lead to gum damage as the gum tissue are very sensitive and need extra care when touching a foreign object to them.

Be Cautious

So, the best way out is to use a toothpick only occasionally and that too after you have learned the right way to use it. You should remember that it doesn’t matter whether you use a plastic toothpick or a wooden one, both can lead to the same dangers. It is also smart to remember that toothpicks are among the most commonly swallowed items and swallowing one can be painful. You might need to visit the ER if you swallow one and it gets stuck.

The Solution

If you have been trying to limit the use of a toothpick, but you are unable to do so, then we suggest that you visit a dentist. A dentist will let you know whether your teeth have an improper spacing or whether your teeth have holes or cavities that are forcing you to pick up the toothpick over and over again. Sometimes, improper teeth alignment and gum infections can also force you to pick up a toothpick unnecessarily.

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